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Transition/Transfer of Patients to Adult Care
Locating Family Physician/Adult Specialist: Resources for Community Pediatricians & Other Physicians

The various Divisions of Family Practice GP4Me project included the development of "attachment mechanisms", essentially ways and means to locate a family physician for those patients who do not have one. The Divisions do not maintain a "roster" of GPs, because that roster could change daily. However, many of the Divisions have established a process that could be helpful to paediatricians and their transitioning patients.

In addition to the "attachment mechanisms" work described above, Pathways is a web-based directory (now run out of the Divisions) to streamline referrals by connecting family doctors and specialists. Access to Pathways requires the paediatrician to register his/her own practice - for more information, please go to

The BC Pediatric Society will update this resource on a regular basis.

For information by Division about family physician attachment mechanisms and connections to specialty by Division, click below.
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