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Transition/Transfer of Patients to Adult Care
Medical Transfer Summary

The BC Pediatric Society Medical Transfer Summary (MTS) is a 2-page form that may be used to transfer patient information when a youth ages out of pediatric care.

The form reflects input from key stakeholders including many physicians throughout BC (over 60 community pediatricians, family physicians and adult specialists). The second page could be filled in by families.

  • Page 1: Adult Healthcare Team Members; Suggested Topics and Content for the Transfer Letter

  •  Page 2: Patient and family information section including Special Considerations (e.g., benefit status); Abridged Transition Clinical Pathway

Some of the things community pediatricians have said about the Medical Transfer Summary:

           “ A good reminder of what information should go forward as youth transitions.”

           “ Reduces the need for supplementary phone calls or correspondence.”

           “ Second page helpful as a family resources and family physicians appreciate having the information.
             Can work well if family completes the page then you review it with them.”

Community Pediatricians

The Summary is available in several formats for you to choose from:
  • EMRs - Accuro, Intrahealth*, MedAccess*, MOIS, Osler, Oscar, Plexia, Wolf* (* EMR access in process)
  • Letter size  (download and print the PDF to manually enter information)
  • Fillable (enter information electronically online and save to your desktop)
  • As a guide to dictation

Patients and Families

   Please download and print Page 2 of the Medical Transfer Summary: Patient/Family Information Section.

   Once completed, please return to your pediatrician for review. Thank you.

The ability to save content after text information has been completed depends on your software. To be sure information is retained, please save to your had drive before entering information AND print a copy before re-saving and closing your document.
If you have problems downloading the Medical Transfer Summary please let us know.

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