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Transition/Transfer of Patients to Adult Care
Transition Project Interviews, Timeline, and Project Reports

Opinion: Dr. Aven Poynter

Looking Ahead: Transitioning Patients from Community Paediatrics to Adult Care

Physician Interviews
  1. Dr. Manoj Parameshwar, Community Pediatrician
  2. How the Medical Transfer Summary Works in Practice: Community Pediatrician - Nurse Practitioner Interview
  3. Coming soon

“Timeline Tool”: BCPS Resources to Support Transition/Transfer from Pediatric to Adult Care

  Click here for the resource “a timeline for transition to adult care” a one-page overview demonstrating how the BCPS transition/transfer resources can support community pediatricians prior to and at the time of patient transfer. This resource was developed and pilot tested with community pediatricians and a family physician. 

BCPS Transition Final Reports (Executive Summaries)

  1. Project Reports (coming soon)
  2. What We Learned (coming soon)
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