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On this page you will find helpful resources both for physicians and for families.

The BC Pediatric Society, with the support of funding from the BC Centre for Disease Control and various unrestricted educational grants, has produced a number of resources that we hope you will find helpful. Some of these resources are aimed at physicians and others at families.

The decision about vaccinating children is made by parents and caregivers. To do this, parents need comprehensive information about all vaccines.

When considering vaccines for their children, families trust their physician recommendation and the information he or she can provide. As a physician, you have a vital role to play in ensuring patients make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Please find linked here two immunization schedules which we think you will find useful in discussing immunization needs with your patients:

BC Pediatric Society Immunization Schedule 2017 .

BC Pediatric Society 2017
Immunization Schedule for Children with High Risk Conditions

Publicly Funded Vaccines


The HPV9 vaccine is provided free to girls and boys in Grade 6.

The HPV9 vaccine is also provided free to:

  • Girls born in 1994 or later who were not immunized in the school-based program, or did not complete their vaccine series (these individuals are eligible up to 26 years of age)
  • HIV positive individuals 9-26 years of age
  • Transgender individuals 9-26 years of age
  • Men 9 to 26 years of age who:
  • have sex with other men
  • are not yet sexually active but are questioning their sexual orientation
  • Street involved
  • Boys 9 to 18 years of age in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
  • Boys and men of any age who are in youth custody services centres
HPV vaccine resources:

Non-Publicly Funded Vaccines

In addition to encouraging the 15 regular vaccines for children, situations arise where it is worthwhile for BC physicians and parents to review vaccines also available at a cost. Each non-publicly funded vaccine is considered for a different reason:


The following resources provide information about vaccines approved by Health Canada not included in the regular immunization program in BC. Information was prepared by the BC Pediatric Society in cooperation with representatives of the Society of General Practitioners (SGP), BC College of Family Physicians (BCCPF), and practicing BC physicians.

Here is a link to the BC Centre for Disease Control Immunization Manual. This manual also includes a section on vaccines for immunocompromised individuals.

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Please click here for an article on the unusual positive effects of vaccines – and why they need to be reported.

Dr. Noni MacDonald and Dr. Jane Findlay’s article in Paediatrics and Child Health about conversing with vaccine-hesitant parents is another useful resource, please click here to read the article.
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